New to Cryptocurrency?
It seems everywhere you turn you hear about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. You hear stories of people becoming incredibly wealthy while you hear others warning you it's a fad or a bubble. Each day seems to bring more and more news and now you've started to hear stories of how people and becoming literally billionaires overnight in these markets. You think you want to get involved but it all seems so confusing and complicated.  

If only you could only get some straight answers and understand what this mania is all about!

We are experts in every aspect of Crypto-currencies and are here to answer your questions and teach you everything you need to know to make informed decisions and take full advantage of this boom.

Welcome to crea8coin.com. We are your guide to every avenue of the crypto-currency revolution. We have been living this revolution for years and know exactly what it's like to be in your shoes. That's why we know all of the pain points and are here to give you fast track access past them. From opening exchange accounts, to funding them, to getting account verification, to mining, to effective trade strategies to initial coin offerings (ICO’s) we have you covered.

After learning and profiting tremendously from the boom, we've taken our expertise and have embarked upon a strategy to generate even more wealth by creating a sustainable, eco-friendly, super-powered mining facility.

Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD)

We would first like to address the bubble scenario that Wall Street and the media so love to proclaim.  There have been many doubters and naysayers but like falling dominoes, they've had to retract their statements in light of heavy evidence to the contrary. It's not longer just enthusiasts and geeks, mainstream businesses have discovered that -are the future of money as fiat currencies around the world are becoming very risky and obsolete. Many people liked currencies much better when it was backed by gold, however, gold really wasn’t the best answer either because it is cumbersome, requires expensive storage and transferring wealth requires much expense and time to make a transaction. It's reputed to be a hedge against failed currencies but as renowned financial adviser Dave Ramsey loves to point out, not one failed economy has ever used Gold or a precious metal after a currency failure.

A New Currency for a New Age

In today’s world we require high security and speed in transferring wealth. That is exactly what crypto currencies provide and it’s also the main reason that billionaires across the globe are transferring their wealth from fiat currencies into crypto currencies. Clearly this is not a bubble and will only continue to grow. In fact, we are at its infancy and this market already has a market cap of over $600,000,000,000.00 and growing exponentially every day. Considering the entire market is almost 1,000 x that large in the US alone, does that sound like a bubble to you? Or can you picture yourself profiting like many are doing now?

Is it too late?

Many hear of Bitcoin and Ethereum's meteoric rise and wonder "Did I miss out, is it too late?" Using an evidence based approach, we believe that not only is it 'not too late', if you act immediately, it's still early enough to see very huge gains. We believe that the party isn't just 'not over' we think it hasn't even started. Since we are at it’s birth there are boundless opportunities to create new wealth and the best place to create that wealth is with a proven strategy. 

Smarter Investing
At crea8coin not only do we provide proven strategies tailored for each individual’s needs, we also employ everything in the crypto-currency arena from mining valuable assets all the way to liquidation for excellent ROI and much more.

We would like to discuss crypto currencies with you, so you can make informed decisions of what is best for you and perhaps we can create a strategy that will make you wealth and keep you safe from a most certain upcoming fiat currency collapse. That choice is yours, however, please if nothing else remember when you see the enormous success that our clients will enjoy that you had your chance. In fact, this is the greatest opportunity in our lifetime to create wealth and at the same time protect our current wealth. Schedule a free consultation today to lean if creating a strategy for you is in your best interests. You will be glad you did!