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The Future of Money

We specialize in every facet of Crypto-currency accumulation and creation. Phase 1 allows purchases of fractional ownership of state of the art mining rigs. Phase 2 allows mass purchases of hashing capacity. Phase 3 starts the manufacturing of super powered energy efficient mining as well as creation of sustainable Mining farm architected for the most profitable and reliable mining.

Investment Security

Each of our clients has automatic inclusion into our premium security services. Many businesses claim to take security seriously but we take every possible step to keep your investments safe and welcome you to see for yourself. 

Comprehensive Security at every turn

First, any balance that isn't used for trading is stored offsite in cold storage wallets. Each customer is given a state of the art hardware storage wallet. The public keys are viewable in your client portal page but the private keys are encrypted, stored and backed up in 5 separate locations with encrypted backups. The QR code images for your keys are also stored in the process, encrypted so that only you can see them.

24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring  

Our facility is under 24/7 surveillance, held in a highly secured corporate facility that is weather proof and theft proof. Our fire suppression systems are specifically built for storage scenarios so even if there were somehow a fire, none of the computer equipment would be damaged.  We have published Information Security Best Practices (ISBP) that are constantly updated to meet any new attack vectors. Because we secure mass quantities of information, we can offer you security features that would be cost prohibitive in any other regard. 

A Different Type of Company
Competence without integrity may benefit you in the short run, but the investment world is replete with stories of firms that made money for their clients but exposed them to reckless risks and took a lions share of the gains. Integrity without competence leaves you broke.  You can't pay for your house, your children's education or your retirement with integrity. 

Passionate Advocates for You
When you combine these two areas there's an unmatched synergy that lets you know you are in good hands, and that you have a highly committed team looking out for you. And that, is what you have when you are a customer of crea8coin.

Why Us?


This group was conceived of and built by people who were tremendously passion about Blockchain technology and the benefits it can bring to people. Our founders have an extensive background in technology (with a specialization in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency) in finance. They have been involved in Cryptocurrency for over 8 years now. Prior to that, each of them has handled other people's investments professionally.

Commitment to Clients
There's a prevalent belief that business has to be cut-throat and it's a dog eat dog world.  That never sat well with any of the founders and it was their shared passion for helping other people in win-win relationships that drove them to create crea8coin.  Why? When a disruptive technology comes around, new wealth is generated and old industries are rendered obsolete. Those in early stand to make tremendous profits. Hence, our creation of crea8coin.  You see, when you have explosive growth and a comprehensive understanding of the technology, you can use your expertise to make yourself wealthy by making your clients wealthy. Carried by the inertia of a revolutionary technology, doing the right thing is a great strategy to ensure a business' success by ensuring the customer's success. 


Before we made crea8coin we started with an idea, built of the notion of obsessive customer focus. You may have heard the quote "We build the best ships, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we always make the best ships".  This was our corporate philosophy before we started this endeavor and it's the perfect storm to let our passions run wild and help as many people as we can in the process.

Competence and Trust

People frequently speak of trust. But what does that mean exactly? For us, it means that we earn your trust two ways. First, we prove that we are experts in our field. Our research, our market analysis, our understanding of the different facets of the market, our ability to navigate for you, these and more help us show you we are the best at what we do. But competency isn't enough. To earn your full trust you need to know that we are committed to doing what's best for you.  


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